Best Places to visit in Georgia in 2020: Top Tourist Attractions

What does one need on a vacation? A picturesque backdrop, peace, roads less travelled and zero interference of the daily hustle and bustle of life. Georgia fits perfectly in the list. With its beautiful countryside towns, unmatched mountain sceneries and lazy beaches by the Black Sea, Georgia tops the list of offbeat countries to visit in Europe. Even with the tumultuous past, Georgia remains undeterred and has now become quite popular among Europeans and Asians. Georgia practically delivers everything a traveller desires - amazing range of food and drinks, shimmering beaches, snow-tipped peaks, vibrant city life, cheap transportation and an affordable European holiday. Let's have a look at some of the instagram worthy locations to visit in Georgia.


The capital city of Georgia must be the first city on your list to visit during your vacation in Georgia. The beautiful old town Tbilisi has some of the best countryside lanes to walk through. Situated on the bank of River Mtkvari, Tbilisi is surrounded by beautiful hills and snow capped mountains. The dramatic cliff-side location of the city, makes it a perfect location to start your Georgian vacation. Do not forget to take the cable car to Narikala Fortress when you are in Tbilisi.


If you are looking for the best beach destination in Georgia, you must straight to Batumi. The city is lively, sprawling with a huge number of pubs and cafes and offering you the best nightlife in Georgia. The beautiful black pebble beaches are one of its kind and gives you the best views of Black Sea. Batumi offers incredible modern architecture and is considered as the favourite summer destination by Georgians. Do not forget to pack your swimsuit if you are planning to visit Batumi in summers.


What is the point of visiting Georgia, known as the wine capital of the world, when you don't pay a visit to one of its largest vineyards. Although day tours are available to this region from Tbilisi, you can actually take a break from city life and stay in Kakheti for a day or two. The region offers some of the most picturesque views that are the perfect solution to sore eyes. Kakheti offers some of the cheapest and best wines in the world. When in region, go for wine tasting in one of its many wine distilleries, take a long walk in the sleepy village lanes and soak in region's gorgeous landscapes.


Situated almost a 100 kilometers away from Tbilisi, the city of Gori is a gateway to Uplistsikhe, an abandoned rock-hewn town in Georgia. Gori is locatedon the banks of river Kura. Known as "Fortress of the Lords", Uplistsikhe was a religious and political centre. Located in Eastern Georgia, Uplistsikhe dates back to 16th century BC making it the oldest town in Georgia.


If you are an adventure lover and seeking some trekking expedition in the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, Omalo is the perfect escape for you. Known for the fortress tower of Keseleo, Omalo is a countryside village located in historical region of Tusheti in northeastern Georgia. Due to absence of well maintained road and high altitude, it is not quite famous among tourists but can serve as the perfect getaway for mountains and nature wanderers.


One of the oldest towns in Georgia, Mtskheta is located on the meeting point of two rivers - Mtkvari & Aragvi. The city is famous for its incredible architecture & monasteries. It is one of the most instagrammable location in Georgia. The famous Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, one of the UNESCO heritage site is located in Mtskheta. The best time to visit the city is from Mid April to June and then again in Spetember & October, when the temperature is quite and pleasant and bearable.


Located on the bank of River Qvirila, Chiatura is an old countryside town that gives a taste of old Georgian tradition. The city is the most unconventional and forgotten place you will visit in Georgia. Getting around the city is quite unique. People take cable cars to travel from one point to another. As it is situated in a mountain valley, Chiatura provides and magnificent view of the Chiatura Mountains. Located in Imereti region of wester Georgia, Chiatura is laden with old architectures, quirky cable cars and over friendly locals.

Svaneti, Mestia

The perfect winter destination of Georgia, Svaneti, Mestia is the starting point of amazing glacier treks and is home to some of the most beautiful lakes. The place also serves as the perfect destination for skiing in winters. You can also take a day trip to Ushguli, the highest settlement in Europe. You can also enjoy the delicious Svan cuisine on your trip to Svaneti.

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