Top 7 Offbeat Destinations to visit in Russia

Of late, a lot of intrepid Indian travellers have made Russia their popular holiday destination. The geographical diversity of Russia makes it one of the most popular destinations to visit. A lot of travellers set their camp in either Moscow or Saint Petersburg making them one of the top tourist destinations to visit. But, there is so much more to Russia than these two beautiful cities. Winter is the best season to enjoy this beautiful country and if you are a traveller in search of something unique to visit, the following cities will make you go weak in your knees. Here is a list of top offbeat destinations to visit in Russia.


Once considered as the "Paris of Siberia" Irkutsk is one of the most beautifully architectured cities in Russia. The city is close to Lake Baikal, thus making it the perfect winter destination for the enthusiastic travellers who wish to visit the lake to witness its ultimate beauty. Irkutsk is one of the most popular stops in the Trans Siberian Railway between Moscow and all eastern Russian cities. The city also boasts of beautiful churches and monuments to visit.


Located in Krasnodar Krai, Sochi is located in Western Russia. The city shares its borders with Georgia/Abkhazia and is on the Black Sea coast. It is one of the few cities in Russia that offers a warm winter with plenty of sunrise to enjoy even when the whole of Russia is under the spell of winter winds. Sochi is quite close to Caucasus Mountains which is home to the nearby snow skiing resort of Krasnaya Polyana. The Arboretum and Riviera Park are among the Sochi's most popular destinations.


Located in Northern Siberian Region, Murmansk is famous for a lot of reasons. It is the only city in Russia where you can witness the magical Northern Lights in winter. The city has headquarters of Russian Navy and thus have beautiful Navy museum and lot of ports. Murmansk is a winter wonderland. There are a lot of places to visit near the city. Around 100 kilometers outside the city are two amazing places to visit, Teriberka & Sami Village. Teriberka is considered as the end of the world as it borders with the Arctic Ocean and Sami Village is famous for its oldest Sami tribes of Siberia. One can easily enjoy reindeer and husky sledding in Murmansk.


Kaliningrad is one of the largest administrative city of the shores of Baltic Sea Enclave. If you are in search of old Prussia culture, Kaliningrad is the place to be. Residents of this beautiful city take pride in their culture. From exploring museums dedicated to maritime history to getting your toes wet on the Baltic coast, the city is bustling with scenic beauty making it the must visit place on your next trip to Russia.


The major port city of Russia, Vladivostok is situated near the border of North Korea & China overlooking Golden Horn Bay. If you take the Trans Siberian Railway, it will take you 7 days to reach Vladivostok from Moscow. The city has gorgeous hilly setting, striking architecture and numerous verdant islands and sandy bays along its Pacific coastline. Vladivostok is also know as Master of the East Russia as it has the most important commercial port and Naval Bases.


Close to Sortavala, Ruskeala is famous for its marble canyon which is now a lake with crystal clear water and an underground lake. The nature in Ruskeala is mostly of Finnish than Russian and thus the city has surplus amount of lakes, waterfalls and trees growing on giant rocks.


Pertopavlovsk is the most eastern town in the Northern Hemisphere. Any traveller who is into rugged natural beauty and some scenic surrounding must take a trip to this beautiful town. The city has a magnificent setting on Avacha Bay and is overlooked by two giant volcanoes and surrounded by a long line of snow-capped mountains. There is nothing beautiful about the architecture but if you are an adrenaline junkie and love trekking and cycling on morraine and volcanic terrain, this place is a must go for you.

How many have you covered so far?

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