Top Offbeat Places to Visit in Italy

What are the destinations that come to your mind when someone mentions Italy? Florence? Venice? Rome? Well, Italy is a lot more than these exotic cities. The country has its own share of serene beaches, rugged landscapes and preserved culture. If you are willing to take a detour and move away from the sprawling streets of the big Italian cities, you will actually come across these hidden gems that are full to the brim with rich history, friendly neighbourhoods and spectacular geographical gems. Let’s have a look at the best offbeat and underrated destinations in Italy that are just a stone’s throw from the popular cities you have known.

Alberobello, Puglia

A small village straight out of the fairy tales, Alberobello is a quaint little village in Apulla region of Iria valley with spectacular white coned buildings. It is often referred to as “heel of Italy’s boots”. Throw any cliche travel theory and it will lead straight to this place. The coffee here gives more kick than anywhere else in the world. The entire town is kind of dreamy and once you step inside there is hardly a moment when u will keep aside your camera and not snap a picture.

Le Marche

If vast landscapes, turquoise water and pretty hamlets are your idea of destination, Le Marche might be just the place for you. Not a lot of tourist know about this town, thus it often goes unnoticed. Sitting between Appenine Mountain & the Adriatic Sea, this hilltown gives serious competition to Tuscany and Umbria in terms of natural beauty.

Ragusa and Cefalù, Sicily

The place is famous for it architecturally rich temples. Considered as one of the spectacular regions in Italy, Ragasu is famous for its stunning baroque buildings while Cefalu is famous for its pristine beaches. Cefalu is one of the most stunning island you will come across in Italy.

Matera, Basilicata

How about visiting a town sitting on a canyon? Matero is a beautiful town carved in steep-sided canyon and is well known for is ancient honeycomb network of cave dwellings. These caves have now been transformed into cafes, galleries, hotels & restaurants.

Verona, Veneto

One of the most underrated town in Italy, Verona is a historic destination as Shakespeares' tragic Romeo & Juliet is based here. If you are paying a visit to Verona, remember to visit the famous Juliet Balcony. The town also has a marvellous Roman amphitheatre. The city is architecturally rich and demands the undivided attention.

Tropea, Calabria

A hidden gem in the south of Italy, Tropea generally goes unnoticed by Tourists. Imagine a beach vacation against vast turquoise water and spectacular cafes minus tourist, well who would not want that? One must visit Tropea atleast once in their lifetime to witness the rustic beauty of Italy.

Sperlonga, Lazio

Overlooking the utterly beautiful Tyrrhenia Sea, Sperlonga is considered as one of the picturesque town in Italy with cute little cafes quaint beaches and old palaces. If a little peace & tranquility is what you need on your vacation, you must definitely head to Sperlonga.

So where are you heading next?

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