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Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The “Big Day” or the wedding is done. The celebrations for the family is over but you are still there, all in love, wanting to live the couple moments in full swing. But the budget of wedding is weighing way too much on your “Honeymoon Plans”. Worry Not! There are a number of places out there that are cheap and will offer you a lot to enjoy and have a gala and romantic time with your partner. These Budget Honeymoon Destinations are quaint, surreal and picturesque. Let’s have a look at 10 such destinations that offer more than just the beauty to the newly weds.


Planning for an international honeymoon trip? Singapore must have definitely crossed your mind. And the reason why it does is legit. The grandeur of the city, beautiful architecture and starry night life attracts the newly weds to Singapore. Enjoy the cruise or just take a city tour and taste the world class cuisine Singapore offers. It is a good budget option for honeymoon for all the newly weds out there.Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 45K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 1L to 1.2 Lac per couple


The Name Thailand is quite etched in every person’s head if he/she is planning a trip, and what is the best way to enjoy it than with your loved one. Thailand has a lot to offer, cuisine, night life, shopping, adventure sports & what not. Party like a freak in Bangkok or Phuket or just laze around on a beach in Phi Phi or Krabi, Thailand has something for every person’s palate.Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 20K to 25K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 90K to 1.2 Lac per couple


If luxurious stay at pristine beaches is what you desire, Cambodia is just the right destination for you. From beautifully architected temples to calm and serene beaches, Cambodia gives you the ultimate luxury without burning a hole in your pocket. Indulge yourself in some delectable food and take a long stroll on the beach with your beloved one, Cambodia is definitely going to make your honeymoon trip worthwhile.Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 36K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 75K to 1 Lac per couple


If not compromising on luxury without spending huge chunks of money is your idea of honeymoon, Vietnam is the place for you. Rich in history, art and culture, Vietnam has a lot to offer. Age old museums displaying the war history, some beautiful beaches and mountains, Vietnam has it all. Just walk around on the beaches hand in hand with your loved one and start your new life with a scenic romantic touch to it Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 25K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 75K to 1 Lac per couple


Luxury Resorts, Scenic Views and Party Spots, Bali is one of the most popular destination for budget as well as luxury travel. A place that suits all pockets, Bali offers extravagant stays and some good water sports. Take Thai massage by the sea and indulge in some local food tasting. Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 28K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 80 to 1.2 Lac per couple


The Salubrious beaches and large shopping streets is what that describes Phillipines. Considered as one of the offbeat places to be on your honeymoon, Phillipines offers beauty at a nominal rate. It is made up of around 7000 islands so if you get bored of one island just hop on to another. They have the best sea food to offer. Thus, do not miss out on any. Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 30K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 90k to 1.1 Lac per couple


Mauritius is one of the dream destination of every love bird. Lucid turquoise water, cozy resorts, private islands and couple jaccuzi, Mauritius has a lot to offer to a couple to make their stay exponentially romantic. One can do paragliding or even trek to craters on Reunion Island to make stay a little adventurous.Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 45K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 1 to 1.4 Lac per couple


If you want a lazy honeymoon with just gorgeous views and the company of your partner to drain all the wedding drama, head to Maldives. The place is exotic and cheap at the same time. You can enjoy the water villas and try some water sports while lazying around on the beach. Dip in some absolutely stunning beaches and make memories for a lifetime.Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 25K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 90K to 1.2 Lac per couple


Breathtaking & Pristine beaches and the grandeur of flora and fauna collection is what that attracts so many tourists to Malaysia. If planning a honeymoon under 1 Lac is your target, drop everything and book your tickets to Malaysia. The rich tapestry of history & culture and the class apart luxury offered by Malaysia is something you will not find everywhere. For a budget honeymoon destination, Malaysia is the best pick for you.Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 25K per personTotal Estimated Cost: 80K to 90K per couple

Sri Lanka

Yet another Budget friendly destination to visit with your beau. With a perfect blend of sparkling beaches and picturesque mountain terrain, Sri Lanka serves as the best economical Honeymoon Destinations. Feast on some mouth watering sea food, climb up to the edge of the world and enjoy swings by the sea with your beloved, Sri Lanka will never fail to amaze you with what it has to offer.

Flight: Round Trip will cost you around 20K per person

Total Estimated Cost: 1.2 to 1.4 Lac per couple

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