11 Destinations that will cost you less than iPhone 11

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Apple introduced the world to the new iPhone Series on 10th September 2019. iPhone 11 is set to launch in India on 27th September 2019. The Introductory price of iPhone 11 Pro is expected to be more than INR 1,00,000 which is like insanely pricey. We say why splurge on a phone this expensive when you can utilize the money to be a globetrotter. Yes! There are a number of places around the world that will cost you less than an iPhone 11 and will definitely leave you spell bounded for life.Let's have a look at 11 such places that will cost you less than iPhone 11.


With Airfare starting at just INR 18,000, Oman is one of the beautiful country in the Middle East Region. Travel to Muscat and enjoy the rich culture & vast landscape. Visit Ras Al Jinz, Bahla & Jabreen, Nakhal etc. if you have a pallate for the culture and archaeological artefacts. Airfare: INR 18,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 50,000 ppx


We all have fancied Mummies as a child. So, why not make this fantasy a realty. Head to Egypt right away for an amazing trip with the dead. :) Just Kidding! Considered as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Pyramid of Ghiza is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Take a cruise in Nile River, explore the city of dead, head to museums or indulge in some ahhmazing Egyptian cuisine. Airfare: INR 24,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 70,000 ppx


Rich in culture, picturesque tombs & cathedrals, beautiful museums, Russia has it all. The longest and the most beautiful train route, Trans Siberian Rail Route takes you to a fairyland. You can watch Northern Lights from St. Petersburgh or do castle hopping at Moscow, the choice is yours. If you have time, you can also pay a visit to the World's largest fresh water lake- Lake Baikal.Airfare: INR 33,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 65,000 ppx


An offbeat destination to visit in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a quaint country to visit for people who love countrysides and surreal landscapes. The place has a lot to offer and is very cheap on your pockets. You can visit Chernobyl (traumatizing history), Carpathian Mountains, tunnel of love or just stroll in the magic city of Kiev. Airfare: INR 34,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 85,000 ppx


Travelling to Dubai can be tricky. You can either end up spending a fortune or you can take a backpackers trip. The choice is completely yours. The place has the best Desert Safari. Visit the tallest building of the world- The Burj Khalifa, go to Madinat Jumairah, buy some Gold Souq or just do Kite Surfing at the Kite Beach.Airfare: INR 15,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 40,000 ppx

Hong Kong

One of the most happening place in China is Hong Kong. The blazing city life with a touch to the spirituality is what that best defines the place. It has the World's longest escalator and some very architecturally rich Buddha Monasteries. Taste some incredible Chinese desserts and delicacies and indulge in some vibrant Night life.Airfare: INR 24,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 70,000 ppx

South Korea

Whether you are an adventurous nature lover or a culture geek or just some fashionista, South Korea will definitely keep you on toes and will make you wanting for more. Seoul being the capital city offers a nice blend of cultural heritage and modern architecture. Visit Buckchon Village, Admire Gyeongbokgung, Visit food market or go up Namsan Tower, the city will offer you a lot of interesting and unique things to do. Apart from this there are numerous breath taking beaches and mountains for trekking and nature walk.Airfare: INR 26,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 70,000 ppx


Bustling Night Markets and mouth watering street food is what that defines Taiwan. Visit Jiu Fen Old Street that is considered as the Santorini of Taiwan. Try Dorayaki Ice cream, visit Gold Mine at Gold Ecological Park and be mesmerized by Golden Waterfall.Airfare: INR 24,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 70,000 ppx


One of the most beautiful place with awe inspiring temples, Cambodia is one of the South Asia's least explored place. Visit Angkor Vat, one of the most picturesque monument ever conceived by human mind. You can also laze around on a beach or just on a forest hike. Stroll around the streets and dip your teeth in some local dishes. The people here are welcoming and offer any help you desire. Airfare: INR 21,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 60,000 ppx


One of the most popular destination for people in India is Thailand and the reason is not at all surprising. With sprawling Night Life, cheap beer and beautiful beaches, Thailand has everything to satiate different taste buds. Airfare: INR 13,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 45,000 ppx


Beautiful city life with some spectacular Man Made architectures are what that outlines the happening city of Singapore. Shop n Orchard road, wander around Gardens by the Bay, Day out at the Universal Studios are some of the many things you can try in Singapore. Heard of Night Safari? Well if you haven't experienced that yet, you must definitely try it out in Singapore. Airfare: INR 19,000 (Return Flight)Overall Budget: INR 60,000 ppx

Happy Tripping!

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