21 Movies to Watch During Coronavirus Lockdown

We all are aware that COVID-19 has been declared a Pandemic now and has spread to almost 195 countries in total. The fear is real as more than 3,00,000 people have been affected. The Government has locked down the country for 21 days in the light of the same and has asked all the employees to work from home in order to combat this novel virus. But Working from Home isn’t that easy a cake. Since there is zero interaction with the colleagues and almost no Sutta Breaks ;) the work starts getting mundane. One thing Coronavirus has done stupendously is to destroy all our travel plans, but here is a silver lining. We know you cannot leave your place for vacation but that does not mean that vacation cannot come to you. We have listed down our personal pick of the Top 21 Travel Movies that we believe might help you to let go of your travel blues during the lockdown. Grab a bucket of popcorn, curl in your bed and start watching these to kill some time travelling in the wonderland.

Before Sunrise – Before Sunset – Before Midnight

If you love the rustic and tendered beauty of Europe, you will fall in love with this Trilogy. The style of the movie is completely different so I doubt that a lot of people will like it. But if you can appreciate every little detail the movie has to offer, this movie will leave you wanting for more.

Two For the Road

If you are the one who is too much into road trips then this movie is a blessing in disguise. The story is based on a married couple who set out on a road trip to Saint Tropez, travelling through France. The movie offers some breathtaking landscapes and a gripping story line to its viewers.

Out of Africa

Honestly, I started watching this movie because of Meryl Streep. Out of Africa is a tragic love story of a married baroness who falls in love with a big-game hunter. The movie brings out the best of a doomed relationship. Other than the rock solid story telling, the beauty of UK and Kenya is perfectly captured in the movie.

The English Patient

With a storyline split between pre-war Egypt and post-war Italy, The English Patient is a lavishly romantic movie. The sweeping cinematic shots, a seat clenching story and marvellous direction of Anthony Minghella, The English Patient is a coming of age movie.


Come, let’s make you fall in love with Paris all over again! Yes, that is what the director must have thought while directing the movie. Everything is perfectly captured in the movie, from green water of Canal Saint-Martin to lurid red lights of Pigalle Sex Shop to winding streets of Montmartre.

The Motorcycle Diaries

A travel movie with a message, the story revolves around Ernesto Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado who take a road trip across Latin America and witness political injustice. The movie beautifully captures the grandeur of Machu Picchu, Andes Mountain Range and a leper colony of Sao Paolo.

Little Miss Sunshine

Who said Family Trips cannot be fun? ;) Put together your elderly father-in-law, voluntarily mute son, suicidal brother, overworked husband and a quirky daughter and bam! You have the memory of a lifetime in that trip. This movie is bound to take you in a laughter spree and nostalgia. Piece of advice – You might want to grab those tissues towards the end, so keep them close.

Under the Tuscan Sun

The story is of a woman who buys herself a villa in Italy after her divorce. She starts taking frequent day trips to Amalfi Island. The movie will compel you to drop everything and move to Tuscany. Why am I so hooked to this movie? Well you have to watch it to understand it.

Into the Wild

Well if there is a masterpiece of a movie made till date on travel, it’s Into the Wild. Sean Penn’s take on the movie is so poetic and surreal. He perfectly captures the essence of a wanderlust traveller – exuberant, unstoppable and foolish. The ruggedness of Alaska will leave you mesmerized and will compel you to watch this movie again & again.


Reese Witherspoon perfectly plays the role of a writer who sets on a 1100 miles hitch hike on the Pacific Crest Trail after her mother's demise. All through the movie, you will wander around dusty Mojave, snowy fields, crazy forest and muddy trails. The movie is all about self-acceptance and is a must watch for all.

The Bucket List

The story revolves around two cancer patients who run away together from the hospital and set out on a road trip to strike out things from their bucket list before dying. In the process they heal each other and find joy in the little moments of life.

The Beach

Garland's novel centers on a young nicotine-addicted traveler named Richard, an avid pop-culture buff with a particular love for video games and Vietnam War movies. While at a hotel in Bangkok, he finds a map left by his strange, whacked-out neighbor, who just committed suicide. The map supposedly leads to a legendary island paradise where some other wayward souls have settled.

Encounters at the End of the World

This is an incredibly beautiful and funny movie based on the people and animals who live in Antarctica. With a completely different and fresh take on the continent, the movie takes you on a journey to explore the ruggedness of Antarctica. By the end of the movie, you would want nothing else but to pack your bag and head straight to this mighty continent.


The film revolves around two shoeshine brother boys named Dana & Zana who set off for America on their donkey, named Michael Jackson in order to meet Superman. The movie is sweet and gives you freedom to see the world in a different way.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This movie is a treat for travellers as it takes you from the busy city of Manhattan to Greenland to Iceland and even to the Himalayas. The oh wow landscapes and a good storyline make The Secret Life of Walter Mitty one of the best travel movies released till date.

The Endless Summer

The film is about the surfers around the globe as they search to continue summer surfing beyond the summer months. The movie has attained a cult status and has been inspiring travellers for the past 6 decades. Exotic locations, cultural exchanges and lessons, and plenty of good stories along the way, The Endless Summer must be on your list if you are willing to get a good travel experience.

Seven Years in Tibet

The true story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian Mountain Climber who became friends with the young Dalai Lama at the time of China’s takeover of Tibet. The picturesque location of the country will leave you spellbound. The movie is filled with scenic shots of The Himalayas, Patola Palace etc..

A Map for Saturday

A movie for all solo travellers, A Map for Saturday is a story of 4 trekkers who trek through 4 continents. This movie shows how people travel, how they interact with others and what is their root mantra for travelling. The movie has a very personal touch to the experiences of a trekker and the ups and downs of his travel life.


A marvellous non-narrative documentary, Baraka explores themes via a kaleidoscopic compilation of natural events, life, human activities and technological phenomena shot in 24 countries in six continents. The movie is a perfect narration of nature and of humankind’s chaotic and lovely relationship with it.

The Water Diviner

The story is about an Australian man who travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons. The movie has a war-torn landscape of Turkey and perfectly captures its essence.


The list would be incomplete without including Imtiaz Ali's masterpieces. The story revolves around a rich girl abducted by a goon and how she finds her true self and happiness even as a captive. The movie is shot in some beautiful locations of Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Punjab and Kinnaur. If a gripping story line with mesmerizing views of the Himalayas is enough to get you hooked to your TV, this movie can be the best pick for you.

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