Best Places to visit in Bulgaria in 2020

What comes to your mind when someone mentions the name Bulgaria? Pristine Black Sea beaches, its capital city Sofia? A few people know about this beautiful Balkan country located in South-East Europe. Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, Bulgaria has unique amalgamation of art, culture, traditions & customs. Though Sofia is one of the most popular destinations to visit, the country has so many other hidden gems to discover. Let’s travel together to some of the most gorgeous locations to visit in Bulgaria in 2020.


Personally, I love architecture and historical sites and thus Koprivshtitsa is the ideal location for me to visit in Bularia. The old authentic Bulgarian architecture, music festivals and the remains of Ottoman Empire makes Koprivshtitsa a lovely place to visit. You can either choose to walk around Topolnitsa River or you can take a hiking trail to Sredna Gora mountains, choice remains yours.


Next in line is the oldest city of Europe, Plovdiv. The reason I am attracted to this place is because of its incredibly rich history, beautifully carved roman architectures and its unreplicable ‘old-town’ vibes. I would personally suggest you to spend more time in Plovdiv as it has so much more to offer than the capital city of Sofia. If you want to see the beautiful views of the city, just climb to one of the seven mountains on which the city is made and you have got yourself a treat.


Bulgaria is a paradise for history buffs like me. Ruse acts as an icing to that cake. Often referred to as “Little Vienna” Ruse is the only city in Bulgaria where the architectures are built in Baroque and neoclassical style. You can either dig the monasteries and museums like me or take a boat trip on the Danube River or just walk around this medieval town soaking in its beauty.

Cape Kaliakra

If you have had enough of a historical site visit, you can take a detour to Cape Kaliakra on the northern coast of Black Sea. The place gives a massive competition to Santorini in Greece. (No Joke!) Medieval fortress, plush green gardens, scenic beaches and a great Ottoman Tradition. Just head to this off-the-beaten track in Bulgaria and thank me later.

Bansko & Pamporovo

There cannot be a better ski destination in the country than Bansko & Pamporovo. Period! If you are not into winter sports, imagine this, snow clad mountains, delicious food, walking on the snow filled countryside roads and best spas in the country. If this does not compel you to visit Bansko & Pamporovo, I don’t know what will!

Rila Lakes

Hear, Hear nature lovers! Bulgaria has got you covered. One of the most iconic and beautiful destinations to visit in the country is the 7 Rila lakes located high on Rila mountains. These glacial lakes provide the stunning view and are one of the most visited places by locals in Bulgaria. If you are not into hiking, you can simply drive to the mountains and enjoy the view of the valley.


Well, the post wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, Sofia is the largest and one of the busiest cities of the country. When in Sofia, visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Saint Sofia Church with its subterranean museum and the necropolis, the 4th-century Church of St. George and Boyana Church. If you already had enough of a history raid, you can just relax in one of the many pubs, enjoy nightlife and walk through the beautiful cobblestone streets of the city.

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